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AdvancedFormationUI: Don't use this. Ever. aiBreakAtStart: if defined, breaks the XS Debugger at the start of main(). AIRenderOpportunities: Turns on special rendering for the opportunity array. Airfields: Enable airfield support. aiShowBPValueText: shows the Building placement values over each position. AIStatementsAsChat: make AI Prompts that are statments show up as chats instead AIvsAI: If defined SP RM games will make player1 an AI. alignResources: aligns resource placement in the editor. alphaObscuredUnits: render obscured units with alpha on. alphaObscuringUnits: render obscuring units with alpha on. AlwaysActive: If defined, the game will remain active even when it doesn't have focus alwaysLogSync: AlwaysPlotSquads: Turns on continuous squad plotting for debugging. Don't use this. Ever. alwaysUseEasyDragMilitary: Selects military units and leaves other units unselected in a drag select. AttackNotificationAlpha: Attack notification alpha. AttackNotificationDist: Attack notification size. AttackNotificationTime: Attack notification time. AutomaticFormationDestDecalTimeout: How long the formation destination decal stays onscreen. AutomaticFormationOutline: Controls how selection outlines are displayed. AutomaticFormations: Don't use this. Ever. AutomaticFormationSelection: Don't use this. Ever. autoPatchFile: autopatch file name autoPatchMaxPacketSize: autopatch max download packet size autoPatchRetryCount: autopatch retry count autoPatchRetryDelay: autopatch retry delay in milliseconds autoPatchURL: autopatch URL AutoSaveScenario: AutoScreenshotOnly: ballisticFriendlyDamage: Allows projectiles to do friendly fire. Must have ballisticCollateralDamage turned on to work. BallisticHeightBonusPercent: percent to increase/decrease damage based on relative height in meters between attacker/defender BallisticPhysicsFadeDelay: Sets the time until physics-ified ballistics start fading out. ballisticPrecalcHits: Determines if we precalculate whether or not a projectile hits its target BallisticSync: bandwidthCL: battleCries: Turns battle cries on/off. bookmarkinterval: time in seconds between auto creating record game bookmarks broadcasterCL: BroadenMPSearchOption: brushMaxSize: the maximum size of a brush in the editor brushMinSize: the minimum size of a brush in the editor brushTimeScale: set brush time scaling. buildColonyWalls: Allows auto creation of colony wall. CameraMinimapRadius: cameraMovementLock: Prevents the camera from being moved CBC: Turns CBC on. Don't use this. Ever. CBCAnim: CBC Anim value. Don't use this. Ever. chatDuration: how long recived chats stay on screen CircleSelectClickSize: Circle selection click size. CircleSelectDelayTime: Circle selection delay time. CircleSelectDrawMax: Draw max circle selection size. CircleSelectHover: Use circle selection circle to calculate hover object. CircleSelection: Enable circle selection. CircleSelectMaxRate: Circle selection max grow rate. CircleSelectMaxResize: Max resize of circle selection. CircleSelectMaxSize: Max circle selection size. CircleSelectRate: Circle selection grow rate. CircleSelectRateAccel: Circle selection grow acceleration rate. CircleSelectResizeRate: Cirle selection resize rate. CircleSelectSize: Base circle selection size. circularWorld: Turns on circular world and minimap clamshell: Enables clamshell ragdolls. cliffsidePaint: Turns on/off ability to paint cliff sides and edges CloseLogOnWrite: colonyPlotDebug: colonyPlotSize: The plot size of colony buildings colonyWallBufferTiles: Push walls out this many tiles from colony buildings colorXFormHighlight: make selection highlight color transform combatComparison: combat comparison mode CommandPanelTime1: Temp config for gamepad interacting with command panel. CommandPanelTime2: Temp config for gamepad interacting with command panel. commandSync: commSync: connectivityCL: copyUpDirectory: CrowdNeighborDistance: Max distance between neighbors within a crowd. DamageMod: Damage modifier. Don't use this. Ever. deathmatchAgeGPTime: increased time penalty per age for GP in deathmatch deathmatchBaseGPTime: min time to get a GP in deathmatch DebugCBC: Turns CBC Debugging on. Don't use this. Ever. debugRandomMaps: allows debugger to pop up on errors when generating random maps DefaultButtonSound: DefaultFont: Specifies the default font. defaultHintsONDiffLevel: The difficulty level at which to turn hints on by default defaultScenarioDir: defines the default scenario folder to use for load/save DelayScrollingAngle: The angle difference you have to push the gamepad stick to break the scroll delay. disableAllSync: disableBuildingSnap: disbles the helpful auto-placement of near-misses on buildings disableESOProfile: toggles the use of ESO for storing the player profile DisableHCShipmentVisual: Disables spawning of units when selecting shipment in homecity. DisableIconChat: Disables the icon chat dialog. disableMidUpdateRender: Turn off the distributed update rendering. DisableNewHCPathing: Disables new home city pathing. disableTriggerEcho: disables all trigger-echo outputs displayon: displaytype: DoNotShowNewYearDialog: Used to turn off the display of the NewYear dialog. DoNotShowVPStartDialog: Used to turn off the initial display of the VP dialog. DoNotShowWorldToolTips: Turns on/off the drawing of world tool tips. DontCheckUnsupported: Don't try to detect unsupported systems. dontDetectNAT: Doth we not detect NAT addresses? dontMeterWorkCommands: DontPauseWhenLosingFocus: If defined, the game will not pause when it loses focus. dontStoreHC: Disables storing of the home city after a game. DrawBallisticTargetPositions: use this for TargetGround-type units to see where they're aiming their projectiles drawEditorUnits: toggles drawing of editor only units drawHerdDebug: Draw the herd info for the selected unit. dummyObjectSync: enableCameraRotation: Enables the rotation of the camera enableDamage: enable the damage and fire pass enableDynamicMusic: Enables dynamic music enableESOPT: Enable ESO Playtest features enableIdleMilitaryBanner: Enables idle military banner enableMPAutoSave: If defined, the game will auto save during a multiplayer game enableWind: enable the wind manager enableWorldTooltipClipRect: Enables the restricted screen space in which to draw world tooltips. entityMovementSync: ErodeBuildingFoundations: Makes building erode the terrain around them when they are placed. experienceKillCap: The max number of kills that contribute to experience. experienceMaxDamageBonus: The max amount of damage bonus for a fully experienced unit. externalPort: ExtraZoom: ExtraZoomPercent: fileTransferCL: filterChat: chat is filtered for profanity FinalReleaseSync: flareMapDuration: how long to flares last on the minimap FlareNotificationDist: Flare size. FlareNotificationTime: Flare time. flarePlayerColor: Minimap flares sent by a player are in their respective color. flareQueueDuration: how long to flares last in minimap event queue flashHitpointBarsOnDamage: Flash HP bar on any damaged unit FlushLogOnWrite: fog: Turns depth fog on. fogColor: Sets depth fog color. fogEnd: Sets depth fog ending (fully-fogged) distance. foggedTOBs: Turns on/off visibility of terrain objects under blackmap fogStart: Sets depth fog starting distance. footprints: forestClumpiness: controls the clumpiness of the forest forestDensity: controls the density of the forest forestUnderbrush: controls the underbrush of the forest FormationOrientation: Turns on ability to set orientation of a formation. foundationDamageFactor: foundations under attack have their damage adjusted by this factor. fourOfAKind: Allows accelerator timer victory fullAllSync: fullCommLogs: gameTimingCL: gcBorderWidth: Sets width of gc border lines. gruntPercent: how often grunts fire guideInterval: HCCameraPanTime: HC camera pan time in ms HCCardModel: Added to not break old model while new model in development. heightAdjust: hideCircleFog: Hides the circular world fog hideHcConfirmation: Hides the HC Tech Confirmation dialog HidePopups: If defined, the in-game popups will not be displayed hideTOBs: Toggle terrain detail object rendering on/off. homecitycamera: Used to modify the home city camera. hostPort: alternate host port idleHealBonus: how much faster do we heal idle dudes? ignoreChatEffects: Causes all chat effects to be ignored. IgnoreColonyRules: IgnoreConquestVictory: Don't check for the conquest victory type. InGameButtonSound: internalPort: internetAddressServer: Sets the address of the address-grabbing-server for LAN/Direct IP modes jpegScreenshotQuality: Sets quality of jpegs screenshots on a 0-100 scale jpegScreenshots: Screenshots are jpegs if this is defined, targas if not KBTimedStatFrequency: Sets the update frequency for gathering KBTimedStats, defaults to 5000ms. LeaveVPEffectOn: Leaves the VP effect on after showing it the first time. LightDirInterpQuanta: Light direction interpolation quanta loadSavegameWithCurrentData: overrides embedded DB info in the savegame with current info localWater: Toggles local water disturbances. LogAIErrors: lowLevelSyncCL: LowPoly: Turns on low poly units. machineName: MarketCostDeltaBuy: MarketCostDeltaSell: MarketCostMax: MarketCostMin: MarketTradeFactor: MaximumSquadSize: Don't use this. Ever. MaxRandUpdate: parameter for variable yet fixed update system MaxZoom: megaPostLoadForceTextures: MemoryStackHeapSize: Default Size of the memory stack heap minimapCamera: show the camera position on the minimap minimapIgnoreFog: Minimap does not draw fog. minimapIgnoreLight: Minimap does not show lighting. minimapNoRotate: determines whether the minimap is in rotation mode or fixed mode MinRandUpdate: parameter for variable yet fixed update system MinZoom: MovementMod: Movement speed modifier. Don't use this. Ever. mpAutoSaveInterval: The frequency (in minutes) to auto save a multiplayer game mpgameCL: mpgamesettingsCL: mpMatchmakingCL: mpStorageCL: newCliffs2: Turns on/off new diplaced cliffs newCliffsCombineNormals: Turns on/off averaging normals across neighbor cliff pieces NewColonyWall: Turns on new colony wall stuff, will go away soon. NoAges: Toggles ages. NoAmbientEffects: Turns off ambient effects noAmbientSounds: disables ambient sounds noAttackWarningSound: disables the attack warning sound nochatsound: NoDatabaseInSaveGames: noExitYorN: NoFloatyText: Disables rendering of in-world 'floaty' text. NoHCAmbientSound: Disables home city ambient sounds. NoHCRollover: Disables rollover popups in homecity. noHighlight: disables unit highlighting NoHitPointBars: Disables rendering of in-world hit point bars. noIntroCinematics: suppresses intro cinematics on app start noMinimap: suppresses creation of the minimap noMinimapUpdates: causes all minimap updates to be ignored nomipmap: noMusic: Disables the music noObscuredUnits: turns off obscured unit display NoPregameAnythingIMeanIt: noPregameScenario: supppresses cool attract mode pregame scenario. noProtoListMeshes: NormalZoom: noVictorySounds: Disables the victory sounds in the game noVideo: suppresses playing of all prerendered video novpeffect: Used to turn off the display of VP effects. noWander: Turns off animal wandering NoWindHack: Disables wind hack on trees. NumHCCards: defines the number Home City cards that can be played in a game. ObMgrSync: obscureOnlySelectedUnits: check only selected units when checking if unit is obscured. OverrideAddress: Override your external internet address. pathingSync: perfCL: PerimeterWalls: Enable perimeter wall support. PlayerMaxCorpseCount: playerSync: PoliticianUI: Toggles Politician UI Power: Toggles the showing of the Power and PowerRate in the F4 display. PregameMusic: Pregame music file primary: rainIntensity: set how hard it is raining randomConnectionFail: randSync: receiverCL: RecordGame: recordGameViewLock: toggle view lock when replaying a game reflectionsBumpScaleRatio: ratio of the reflection bumpiness scale with the bumpiness of the water RegenerationRate: RegroupUnits: Turns Unit Regrouping on. reliableConnCL: RenderCBC: Turns CBC Rendering on. Don't use this. Ever. RenderSquadPlotter: Turns on squad plotter rendering. Don't use this. Ever. renderWorldTooltipClipRect: Renders the restricted screen space in wihch to draw world tooltips. RepairFactor: RiverRandBreaks: used during river creation. RiverRandOffset: used during river creation. RiverWaypointRadius: used during river creation. robustRollover: Turns on/off robust rollover RunAsFastAsPossible: ignore realtime & always run updates. scenarioNoCoveredWagon: Disables the send new covered wagon functionality in scenarios screenShotHideCursor: Hides the cursor during a screenshot screenShotHideUI: Hides the UI during a screenshot ScrollExp: Scroll speed ramp up value. ScrollFastSpeed: Fast gamepad scrolling speed. ScrollMaxSpeed: Max regular gamepad scrolling speed. ScrollRampPoint: The point to start ramping up the scroll rate to it's max speed (0.0 to 1.0). ScrollRampSpeed: The scroll speed ramp up rate per second. ScrollRateBase: Starting gamepad scroll rate as a percentage from 0.0 to 1.0. ScrollRateGrow: Rate per second the gamepad scroll rate grows per second. SelectionLimit: Don't use this. Ever. selectionPixelError: defines the selection pixel error SelectOnZoomToEvent: Set to have unit associated with an event selected when zooming to the event. SeparateScoreComponents: sessionCL: sessionConnAddrCL: sessionConnJoinCL: ShadeChance: ShadeDelay: showAIEchoes: Controls whether or not AI echo messages are shown. showAIOutput: Controls whether or not AI output messages are shown via coreOutput. showAIResourceOutput: Controls whether or not the AI will spew out KB Resource messages. showBattleUI: Displays the battle UI buttons in advanced mode. ShowColonyArea: Shows colony area. showColonySphere: Shows the colony sphere of influence when placing a TC. showFPS: overlays the game screen with an FPS counter ShowGrannyDebugStats: Shows the complete Granny Debug stats in the F2 display. ShowGroupHealth: blah blah blah showMilliseconds: shows time on the game clock down to millisecond precision. showRolloverHelp: determines whether rollover help gadget is used showScore: showTime: ShowTrainingPanel: Shows the training panel buttons on the UI in advanced mode. SoooGood: ARROWED!!. SortVPTeamDisplay: Sorts the VP Team Display from most to least. spawnBirds: Don't walk under the trees. squadSync: startingResourceDelay: Sets the number of seconds of delay for the starting resources. syncCL: syncUpdateInterval: TCUnbuildRadius: Unbuildable radius for TCs. TCUnbuildRoadLength: Unbuildable radius for TC 'roads'. TCUnbuildRoadRadius: Unbuildable radius for TC 'roads'. TCUnbuildTerrain: Unbuildable terrain for TCs. TCUnbuildUndoTerrain: Terrain to undo unbuildable area for TCs. teamColorClothFlags: Allows the cloth flags to be team colored. techDebugSync: techSync: terrainBump: Turns on terrain bump mapping terrainGrid: turn terrain grid on/off terrainGridMajorTick: sets the number of tiles between major ticks on the terrain grid terrainGridMinorTick: toggles whether the terrain grid includes minor ticks terrainLowLevelSync: terrainTriList: Turns on trilists for terrain rendering timeSyncCL: timingCL: TitanHandicap: towerFoundationDamageFactor: foundations under attack from shooting buildings further have their damage adjusted by this factor. tradeRouteVisibilityBuffer: Tiles of extra visibility around trade routes. TrainBuildFeedback: governs whether the "unit built." messages didsplay transportCL: TributePenalty: undoSpew: spew general undo info (ops in queue, etc.) undoTerrainElevationSpew: spew detailed info about terrain elev undo. undoTerrainPaintSpew: spew detailed info about terrain painting undo. UnitAction: UnitAI: unitDebugSync: unitDetailSync: unitGroupSync: unitSync: unlockAllSPCScenarios: Unlocks all SPC scenarios for all campaigns UnsupportedWebSite: Web site that gives help for unsupported systems. updateAIs: Controls whether or not the CP AIs are updated. useESOnline: toggles the use of ESO for matchmaking useMinimapSmartUpdate: turn on dirty rect tracking in minimap UseTCUnbuildTerrain: Toggle the use of unbuildable terrain around TC. useTerrainHeightLimits: enable terrain height limits validateChecksum: Validate my build checksum against the host's viewLockInterpolate: toggle view lock interpolation when replaying a game Visibility: wallAttackTimeout: Time in seconds the colony wall must be free from attack for wall building/repair to be allowed. waterAllowPaintDelta: DEBUG: epsilon that allows water to be painted on variable terrain heights waterAlphaMaxDepth: depth where water alpha goes to max value waterAlphaMaxValue: water alpha max value waterAlphaMinDepth: depth where water alpha goes to min value waterAlphaMinValue: water alpha min value waterBetterFloodFill: WATER HACK: trying out a better flood fill waterbump: toggle water bumpmapping waterBumpScale: scale the bumpiness of the water waterColorBlue: DEBUG: the blue color for water vertex Color painting. waterColorGreen: DEBUG: the green color for water vertex Color painting. waterColorPaint: DEBUG: for water vertex Color painting. waterColorRed: DEBUG: the red color for water vertex Color painting. waterColorScale: scale of the water color waterdecal: toggle water decal waterDeepColorBlue: DEBUG: the blue color for directly viewing water. waterDeepColorGreen: DEBUG: the green color for directly viewing water. waterDeepColorRed: DEBUG: the red color for directly viewing water. waterEnv: toggle water environment map waterEnvTrans: toggles whether water environment map is in transparency mode waterEquilibrium: set the water equilibrium restore factor waterFoamScale: scale of foam on water waterForce: set the water force effect waterFresnelBias: DEBUG: the bias of the Fresnel reflectivity termr. waterFresnelScale: DEBUG: the scale of the Fresnel reflectivity termr. waterLargeAngle: WATER HACK: large wave movement angle (degrees) -- must repaint water waterLargeMaxAlpha: WATER HACK: large wave max alpha waterLargeMinAlpha: WATER HACK: large wave min alpha waterLargePeriod: WATER HACK: large wave fade period in secs waterLargeSpeed: WATER HACK: large wave movement speed -- must repaint water waterPaintArea: toggles painting water area vs just painting water. waterPlaneOffset: DEBUG: distance the water plane is below the edge that created the water. waterReflectionScale: scale of the water color waterSmallAngle: WATER HACK: small wave movement angle (degrees) -- must repaint water waterSmallMaxAlpha: WATER HACK: small wave max alpha waterSmallMinAlpha: WATER HACK: small wave min alpha waterSmallPeriod: WATER HACK: small wave fade period in secs waterSmallSpeed: WATER HACK: small wave movement speed -- must repaint water waterTest: WATER HACK: turn on water test hack waterTexRotation: set rotation of water textures waterTexScale: set tiling of water bump texture waterTexScrollSpeed: set scroll speed of water waterVelScale: set the water velocity scale factor waveConcavityLimit: Max different to trigger concavity waveConvexityLimit: Max different to trigger convexity waveDensity: Number of waves per setion waveFoam1ScrollSpeed: Scrolling speed of foam texture waveFoam2ScrollSpeed: Scrolling speed of foam texture waveFoamFadeInTime: Time it takes for foam to fade in waveFoamFadeOutTime: Time it takes for foam to fade out waveFoamMaxNormalizedWidth: Maximum width of foam strip (1.0f = wave length) waveFoamNormalizedSpeed: Back speed of foam strip (1.0f = wave speed) waveFoamStartNormalizedTime: Time when wave start to foam waveMaxConcaveLength: Maximum wave length when in concave anchor waveMaxFadeLength: Maximum length of the fade off at the ends of the wave waveMaxHeight: Maximum wave height waveMaxLength: Maximum wave length waveMaxSpeed: Maximum crushing wave speed waveMaxStartDistance: Maximum wave start distance (from shore) waveMaxWidth: Maximum wave width waveMinConcaveLength: Minimum wave length when in concave anchor waveMinFadeLength: Minimum length of the fade off at the ends of the wave waveMinHeight: Minimum wave height waveMinLength: Minimum wave length waveMinSpeed: Minimum crushing wave speed waveMinStartDistance: Minimum wave start distance (from shore) waveMinWidth: Minimum wave width waveRecedeEndScale: Final scale of the recede strip waveRecedeMotion: Indicates if the receding foam will move or not waveRecedeTime: Time it takes for wave to recede waveSectionLength: Length of shoreline section waveVariance: Wave variance (deviation) from shoreline windDebug: debug the wind windyGrass: Toggles the effect of wind on layered grass. wmCloudFreq: Sets cloud frequence. wmCloudOctaves: Sets cloud octaves. wmCloudPersistence: Sets cloud persistence. wmClouds: Toggles cloud rendering in world map. wmCloudTimeScale: Sets cloud time scale. WorldSizeX: The size of the world in meters across the X direction WorldSizeZ: The size of the world in meters across the Z direction worldSync: XMLTechFile: xorAllSync: ZoomSpeed: Adjusts the rate of camera zoom using the mouse wheel in game. ZoomWheelDivisor: Divisor for the wheel rotation.


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//开启XS Debuggers




//慎用,生成自建地图弹出XS Debuggers,需手动按确定,100次到100万次都可能,取决于你的地图编程是否滥用循环。









//pregameUI "uipregamenew.xml"